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Having such exorbitant debt and no money. I have a network, and I have a lot of lessons. I made a lot of mistakes," she told Ellen DeGeneres when she sat down with the talk-show host last November to talk about her past and the film. Bloom's website elaborates on her future plans.

But the lessons I learned on the way up were just as valuable on the way down. This time I will use everything I learned to do something that matters," it reads, seemingly referencing the aforementioned co-working space, which appear to be called Full Bloom. Now, I'm opening doors for ambitious women so that we can connect, grow, and succeed together.

After the Trix take her powers, Bloom goes back to Alfea and sits out of battle.

She and Sky then escape from Cloud Tower. After she and Sky went in separate directions, Bloom was able to regain her powers, save Sky and join her friends in the final battle. She faced Icy one-on-one while the rest of the Winx faced Darcy and Stormy. Bloom managed to beat her rival. She and Sky have their first kiss. She then joins the celebration with her friends. Dark Bloom on the Shadow Phoenix. When Bloom, Stella, and Aisha went and found the Pixies, they were hit by the Trix in their Gloomix but a paladin helped them by making the Trix go away.

After that, two pixies named; Lockette and Amore bonded with Bloom and Stella. Next when the paladin, Avalon, came to Alfea school to be as a teacher, he gave her some tips about her birth parents. When Sky saw Bloom and Avalon together, Bloom was mad at him because of his jealousy. Lastly, he used her to read the Spell of Relix.

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Sky came up to her, telling her that he loves her and she must break through the Shadow Phoenix's spell. After that, her heart was able to break the spell, and together, she and the Winx converge to destroy The Shadow Phoenix.

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Soon at the end of the show, Sky and Bloom kissed. The girls sought out Hagen , the swordsmith who forged the Sword of Oritel , but after a small skirmish, he stated that he was unable to help Bloom in any way. Bloom combined with Daphne. Back on Earth, Daphne visits Bloom through a dream, saying that she is not alone and that she must go on a quest to Domino and search for Mountain of the Roc to search for clues about their parents' whereabouts.

She also gives her mask to her sister to see the past Domino. Later in the movie, Bloom finds out, after confronting an evil sorceress named Mandragora, that Oritel's wife was absorbed inside the sword that Hagen had fashioned to be, "fit for a king" before Domino meets its end. However, only a King can remove the sword and restore the entire realm to normal.

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Angered, the Ancestral Witches call Mandragora and possess her. They choke Bloom, but to their shock, Sky has already stabbed them with the sword and Bloom, along with Daphne, blasts a fire beam to them. During the process, Bloom finally completes her Enchantix. To Bloom's surprise, Sky states that his father has abdicated his throne for him. And so, Sky releases the sword from the stone.

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At the end, Sky also supposedly proposes to Bloom, and she accepts almost instantly. But by destroying the Obsidian Dimension, the Ancestral Witches are freed. They search for younger bodies to accomplish their plans and they find the Trix. Bloom is having a good time enjoying her new life as the Princess of Domino. However, she does not seem to be too fond of her responsibilities as a princess and feels somehow "trapped". Her father gives Bloom a horse named Peg, and her mother gives her a riding suit so she can ride Peg. Bloom and Peg go out for a ride and meets up with Sky.

Sky asks Bloom to marry him and Bloom is overjoyed and tells her parents. A news reporter hears the news and broadcasts it. The Winx hears the news and wonders why Bloom did not tell them first. But two days later, Sky tells Bloom, that they can not marry each other which saddens Bloom and angers her father. The Winx came in time to cheer up Bloom and help her choose her prince which her father chose. Sky comes in disguise and Bloom is curious to why he broke off their engagement.


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Sky tries to explain their Kingdoms conflicts in the past. But Bloom's father figures out that Sky was wearing the disguise and bans him from coming to the castle again. Bloom is very upset, and goes to Gardenia with the Winx to her adoptive parents, who welcome them in. Bloom and the Winx then lose their powers because the Trix destroyed the positive energy.

Later, Bloom with the help of her five best friends, decide to face the Trix, and regains their powers. The Winx then face off the Trix together and then defeat them by summoning the immeasurably incomparable energy and power of the Great Dragon.

Princess Bloom in her palace on Domino

Bloom and the Winx were in the hallway waiting for Stella 's latest fashion trend. Then they laugh at her sunglasses, which were magical, and then headed outside to meet the new Alfea students by Griselda 's order. Bloom did a Dragon's Flame talent that flew around the area and then the show ended. Bloom was in a hallway and entering Wizgiz 's classroom and making a green teleport to go back to Gardenia , and Kiko enters it as well. Then she picked Kiko up, and carry her to Gardenia Park to meet Sky. The she yelled at Sky and then they take a walk to a shop in Gardenia and then to eat ice cream at Gardenia Park which in fact a dog followed and ate Sky 's ice cream while Bloom laughs.

Then the dog and Kiko take away their ice cream. Sky and herself were sitting on the bench in Gardenia Park. Later on, the Trix appear and Icy makes Bloom feels a bit colder and she touches the flower that turns into ice and has a bit of ice on one of her fingers. Icy then traps Bloom into an ice dome cage while the rest of the Trix try to attack Sky but failed. Meanwhile, Bloom transforms and helps Sky to defeat the Trix. Bloom used her Sirenix spells to defeat Icy but fail after a few tries.

Meanwhile Sky tries to defeat Darcy and Stormy. Then Darcy traps Bloom in some tentacles that wraps around her and Stormy blew a tree that falls onto Bloom and makes her unconscious while the Trix take Sky away into the Infinite Ocean. Bloom is back at Alfea , asleep for a bit but then wakes up and tries to sit up. Then the Winx gather around her while Stella brags that she is her best friend and they fell onto the bed. Bloom and Stella hold hands together while Bloom is wanting to save Sky because he is in the Infinite Ocean.

The Winx have a confusing face. Later, they are in Faragonda 's office as she told Bloom about Omnia 's message. Bloom begging Faragonda that there must be another way to reach the Infinite Ocean. Faragonda says there is but it is dangerous. While she works as a talent scout, Bloom and the Winx have also been investigating strange instances of talented young people being kidnapped by someone they have dubbed as "The Talent Thief. Going about their usual routine in the first episode , the Winx come across a waitress named Annabelle , who has a natural singing talent.