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It describes the amount of food an sufficient or ample. When we use enough as an adjective, put it before the noun. In this second sentence, enough is used as an adverb. In this case, it modifies the adjective. It means the same as sufficiently. Plenty is also used as an adverb although this is considered informal and not international English. Write example sentences like those given above. Mighty Sports inches closer to Jones Cup crown, but sweep still the goal. Grind worth it as Troy Rosario happy to be part of Gilas pool anew. Gal Gadot to play s screen siren Hedy Lamarr.

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Senate may beef up Magalong security if he asks for it — Lacson. First it was slow food a good thing. Then there was slow living not so good and the rejection of striving and effort even worse. Stop hurrying and take it easy. Bake cakes, play in the forest, do what you want. Life is short, so we should put our limited time to good use. If today were your last day, you might tell someone you loved them.

You might try to make amends with someone you had wronged. You might enjoy the time as much as possible, and you might indeed bake a cake. All of these things are good, but you can do them anytime. Instead of watching life as it passes you by, what if you actively worked on crafting a legacy composed of creative work that helps others? There is an urgency to life, whether you want it or not. When you embrace the urgency instead of ignoring it, you can create something that changes the world. Oh, and you can do this in a fun way that makes the best use of your own talent and motivation.

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Plenty of Time

I wish I could just take and shake some people, wake them up from the idea that there is enough time in their life to do what they love, thus giving themselves a reason to postpone dreams, desires, passions etc. There might not ever be enough time. We never know what happens tomorrow. Or on our way home from work today.

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We never, ever know. Thank you so much for bringing this up, for urging people to live everday as if it was their last. Also there is a loneliness to making big changes and no one wants to be lonely. Thanks for this one. It made me smile. I just blogged about slowing down crazy chaotic holiday stuff. But now I think I will think about speeding up and liking it. Makes me laugh…..

Although I believe that patience is critical and slowing down to enjoy life is important, thriving is a practice. Most of us have to put into practice the habits that will help us thrive — setting a budget and sticking to it, getting enough sleep and exercise, eating healthy, daily meditation.

Not to cast a somber shadow on this important message, but speaking as someone who has recently lost a close family member much earlier than is fair, I now see the importance of not wasting a precious minute. Interesting perspective, Chris. It reminds me of the chant we do at the end of the night during Zen retreats:.

Time passes swiftly and opportunity is lost. Let us awaken, awaken…. Do not squander your life. What a thought-provoking post. For me, the key is balance.

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There are only so many important activities one can cram into a day and still appreciate and enjoy them. Yes, think about the future and plan for the beautiful things you want to build, but keep your feet planted in the present so you can fully live and enjoy what you are doing now. Thank you, Chris.

I was just having this conversation with someone very special last night. We were talking about balancing work and personal time, and I shared that it feels like I have an opportunity to make a big mark on the world and do something really meaningful. I strive to be present in the Now, and by doing so, I see the opportunities to make the world a better place tomorrow.

I have always believed in urgency and patience. I really believed I had nothing to offer and believed my life would be short. Now, realizing that I do have something to offer, but also that time and life is ever fleeting, I do need to view my work with urgency.

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This is a really interesting take on the prevalent push for mindfulness. My writing really is geared toward both perspectives; results take effort, but to enjoy them, you have to be present. What if you live today solely for tomorrow? You would waste your whole life! Mindfulness can help us enjoy every day while driving us to achieve our full potential.

For some people, it takes slowing down or even coming to a full stop to become mindful. If this is what it takes to enjoy life to the fullest, I say slow down! That said, a lot of what you say in this post encourages mindfulness. Realizing there is an inherent urgency to life is mindful as well! A lot of people could really use the information in this post to motivate them off the couch and into doing something.

For the first time ever, I disagree with you, Chris. I find your post misogynistic. Things like baking cakes, expressing love, and making amends with people are nurturing, feminine things, and you seem to denigrate them. But these things actually are a kind of creative work, work that is vital and important and helps others. But your way of measuring achievement seems soulless.

Eager to see how you frame the whole spectrum from stopping to smell the roses to urgently pursuing change in the world. To new manifestos!

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Hi Chris, I both agree and disagree with you. We should always be putting our time to good use definitely, because we have only so much time left to live. However, speaking from experience I guess there has to be a balance. That sounds like a very mature message. For me being productive and recharching my battery by taking a walk for example should be balanced.

If I try to overcharge my battery, it will actually harm my productivity.

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  • I totally agree that we have limited time on this earth and that it should be put to good use. However, I also believe that slowing down can play a part in that. So, I wrote a blog post with my thoughts.

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    Looking forward to reading your manifesto. I was raised with a sense of work ethic urgency, reinforced by a stint in the Marines, and then dove right into fatherhood, self-employment, and now traveling, teaching, and presenting all over the world.