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Sophisticated wedding dress with high low skirt Makani. This simple yet interesting modern wedding dress features a crepe bodice with long narrow sleeves and A line high low skirt to show off your bridal shoes. Unique detail — the skirt is lined with color silky satin lining adding just a touch of color to the overall look.

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Extra charges apply. If I have to fast for 40 days, or not sleep for 40 nights. I was once a girl backpacking with nothing but the next town on her mind. I was a girl enamored by the glow of Los Angeles, and the idea of impacting so many people and lives.

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I could never quite make those two people inside of me agree. There was one who wanted to get wrapped up and lost in the foreign cities of the world, and another who wanted to stand on the world stage and sing her song. Never mind a dusty street corner, there was a light to the city that drew me like a moth to the flame. When I got the call to do Stranded , for the first time, both sides of me quietly agreed.

This was a rare opportunity to live closer to the land than I ever had, while simultaneously sharing myself and what I stand for with the world. But I met the Fijians who never would.


Who will never fly out of those circumstances. The children who are malnourished. The villages that sway in every storm. The grown men that listened like small children as I told them about the city of Los Angeles and the skyscrapers. One man begged me: Tell me more of the skyscrapers. I smiled, and looked at this man, his face deep with wrinkles from laughter and pain. This man had seen more than his fair share of hardship.

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But he knew a life that was simple and pure. My face clouded somewhat as I took myself away from the jungled island we stood on, and re-imagined the buildings of LA. This island-your home, this is beauty. This is the earth as earth intended to be. Paradise has been lost over there. But here, paradise is still found. Makani Nalu is a self-published author, musician, and backpacker who appears on MTV's latest reality survival show, Stranded with a Million Dollars.

Her first novel, Drop-Out, can be found on Amazon.

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A traveling piano entertainer, organic farmer, and life enthusiast, there are not many adventures or challenges Makani isn't willing to take on. You can vote for Makani here , and follow her on Instagram or Twitter. Get advice about what to watch and keep up with the latest in reality television with reality blurred's e-mail newsletter.