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The film's voice cast includes Ryunosuke Planetes Planetes is a Japanese hard science fiction manga written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura.

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It was adapted into a episode anime television series by Sunrise, which was broadcast on NHK from As in the previous film, the Released by Kadokawa The Price of Smiles. Gunbuster Gunbuster, known in Japan as Aim for the Top!

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It was the directorial debut of Hideaki Anno, best known as the director of Neon The science fiction series is a homage to the Super Robot shows of the s and s, Arei no Kagami Arei no Kagami was originally created by Leiji Matsumoto as an educational-like video aimed more at children. It used information about Earth and Outer Space which lead many to believe it as an Embracing Love.

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A high school girl in rural Japan and a high school boy in Tokyo experience a strange phenomenon: they occasionally Macross: Do You Remember Love? The movie is Blue Drop: Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku. At an estimated 30 to 50 million years old, researchers were a bit puzzled.

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Most stars form planets within a couple million years. Some of the dust is being carried outwards, while other clouds are falling in towards the star. All of that could mean one of several planet-busting scenarios, according to study co-author Kristina Punzi. She added that her hypothesis is that the star is gobbling up a planet similar to Jupiter.

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